I bought the franchise from the Janiking since 2004 the tell me they will get me account by 4000$ per month they never get me this amount of account they offer to me small accounts by 200-800 in every part of Denver and the metro I told them this is not fair they tell go drive around get to us addresses,names and numbers of Colorado accounts I brought to them all Colorado accounts so they can get me about 6 accounts they never get me anything I want they lye to me I advise everybody to never deal with Janiking it,s fake company by name it doesn,t do anything it,s badiest fraud company they make you dream about to success and have many accounts it,s worthless company I never made any penny from this company they don,t get you what you want they get you what you don,t want take my advice don,t ever never work with Janiking my franchise failed without making money I sued them at the court and I get the money back from them

Monetary Loss: $10.

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The following link is an article about the lawsuits against janiking and other cleaning franchisors.


WTF is this jibberish? Learn proper grammar and speak English because we don't speak stup1d.

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