Thanks to all who failed a Jani King Franchise because you did not fulfill your contracts like u promised. u think anyone can clean "NOT" u need to be experienced to run a good business.

Thanks u law suit happy failed a business lack of knowledge u gave JK current Franchises a bad Rap and people are stopping business for no reason at all. Jani King IS #1 and I am very proud franchise owner of St Louis Mo. Martin PS Most businesses fail with in the first year. Lack of knowledge and desire to achieve success is the reason.

You take the manuals home and read them and then you sign them.

Nobody forced u to make the dissension to buy and become a JK franchise. You failed and that's it face up to it you should be the one being sued for slander against JK.

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Wow really did not spell very good back then! I was pretty stupid to be that proud of JK but I was wrong.

JK is a gangster of crooks and Poppy was right.

Some day they will go down stay real far away from Jani King your better off without these con artist. Lovewell49 who was a fool!!!


As a former Regional Director of Jani-King, i must admit that over the recent years, the organization has really become greedy, and all they concerned is their royalty income at the expense of franchisees. They under bid the contracts to increase the volume because royalty is based on volume. The ultimate sufferers are the franchisees who don't get enough to survive.


You are a very sad and *** person .


The idea of a franchise is that it overides the potential pitfalls of a normal start up business, if you have the experience do your own telesales, marketing etc. thats why we pay a franchisor to help us in business not steal our money until we gain the experience, unfortunatly Jani King were ever in the world seem to be adopting a process that is just short of illegal.


As a former employee of Jani King in a corporate owned region, I would say that if an individual practiced deception in how they sold, they made a definite choice to have done so. At no time was I asked to, urged to, or otherwise suggested to practice deception.

I sold franchises carefully, and urged those that did not likely have the wherewithall to be successful in this business as BUSINESS OWNERS PARTNERED WITH A WORLDWIDE #1 COMPANY to look elsewhere. Yes, you can fail as a business owner. Jani King is not here to hold your hand, take action against YOUR employees, work your accounts when you feel like going bowling instead, etc...There are only a few reasons an account would be taken away from you, and it ALWAYS has to do with how you're doing business! Many people don't like to accept blame, and would much rather point the finger at someone else.

If that is you, then this is not a venture you should take on. When you are being given a "troubled" account, you are told on the frontside. If you have not been told, there is recourse. If you are not offered additional accounts, then are you servicing current accounts right?

are you turning in evals? are you following P&P? This is not a get rich quick deal, this is not a guarantee for success...this is an opportunity for you to be successful. Once you've bought in, a lot is up to you for follow through, upkeep, etc.

And if you still aren't getting more business, get off your haunches and go get some by using the name you bought in to. You are only certain to be offered a given amount of business based on the plan you've purchased...nothing more and nothing less. You may even not be servicing the full amount at any given time if you've lost accounts due to non-performance or being requested out...if that's the case you need to figure out what's happened, work with the corporate staff to overcome difficulties, etc. They are there to assist you in every REASONABLE way, but they are not there to hold your hand, and more to the point cannot help you if you don't voice your concerns.

And if you go in the office yelling, name-calling, pointing fingers, and basically acting like a spoiled child that didn't get their lollipop, you can expect a similar response in return.

If you want to be a business owner, do your due diligence before starting, and do your due diligence after you begin. Anything less, and I can assure your outcome will leave a sour taste in your mouth, and you need to sit back and realize it was very likely your own doing.




Hi, i need information on how to joining the Class Action Lawsuit in California against janiking, thank you




I agree with you Jani King is a rip off!!!

I learned this after I wrote this Review. yes I am getting it now but I am still hanging in.

But it always is about them and they sale some contract time after time.

If you have finders fees due back good luck!!

yes don't sign with them or any cleaning Franchise start your own make sure u do your homework unless you have money to give to them. Used car salesmen is not harsh enough I think just plain GREED is the word.


Anyone thinking of buying Jani-King should practice due diligence. Call some of the franchise owners in the disclosure documents.

Get the real story. No one would buy into this scam after talking to Jani-King's previous victims.


Yes your probably right but I still have Income


jani king is full of deception & lies! i regret the day i ever heard the name jani king...it was the biggest mistake we have ever made.

i know things & have found out info & those of you that own a franchise, if you can't see it, you need to investigate!!!! stay tuned for further updates!


JaniKing is a complete ripoff. Give them your money and they wont do anything for you.

Lies are a JaniKing staple. If you give the managers a little "gift" now and then and kiss the right butts you might get a crumb or two. *** runs downhill. The managers have a script to follow, just like used car salsemen.

They pass around toxic accounts to fill up the "promised" business they owe you. If they were honest they would return the money. Ask for it back and see what happens. Lovewell 49 is from JaniKing corporate.

It shows clearly in his attitude and methods.

He is just another JaniKing liar. Enjoy your stolen money, life sometimes comes back at you.


Jerry and Poppy im sorry i was a little harsh dont want to be to rude. im sorry you had problems with JK i hate to see that hard money people earned not work for them and i do feel for you.

i think what needs to be done to prevent this is JK can train people a little bit more then they do. also provide more assistants as they progress with there business. with these financial times the fees could go down some too that would help a lot. i know it might be to late for you but it would be nice to form a support group for franchise owners who are struggling and help them in there business.

i wish u the best and if you get your money back it wont effect the current franchise owners who are in business. oh and im not from corporate, not kissing up, and JK is not a Ponzi scheme they havent left the country and are not sitting on the beach in caymen islands with ex enron and aig smucks

1st Amendment

At this moment there is Class Action Lawsuits against janiking in Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Minnesotta, and Hundreds are joining the Class Action Lawsuit in California. I think that District Attorneys need to look into it because this is like a ponzi scheme. I also have a feeling that the Rico and Raqueteering acts have been violated.We need to all contact our district attorneys.I think these are criminal activities just like Madof.


Then ask yourself why does janiking have so MANY LAWSUITS? Because they ripoff so many people. Lovewell49 is someone from corporate at janiking.


Stop kissing up because you make a mistake, they are going to cancel your contracts too. Its only a matter of time.

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